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I'm passionate about creating beautiful spaces in our home.

Welcome to the New site!

As a decor enthusiast, I started this blog to share my passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces. I believe that the way we design our homes has a huge impact on our daily lives and can truly enhance our mood and well-being. I hope this blog inspires you to take a fresh look at your own home and see it as a canvas for self-expression.

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Meet April

As an autism mom and decor blogger, I often find myself straddling two very different worlds. On the one hand, there is the world of autism, with its challenges and struggles, but also its joys and rewards. On the other hand, there is the world of decorating and home design, with its beautiful colors, patterns, and textures. I'm often navigating the complex world of therapy appointments, social interactions, IEP meetings, researching autism, and learning about my kids sensory overload. It can be overwhelming at times, but it is also incredibly rewarding to see my kids grow and develop in ways that I never thought possible.